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About UTGA

Uganda Timber Growers Association (UTGA) is a member’s organization which brings together commercial tree growers in Uganda for collective action with 670 members who have established over 80,000 hectares of commercial forest plantations across the country. The association was established in 2006 and comprises of large, medium, and small-scale tree growers and a wide range of associate members and partners. UTGA’s objectives are to increase competitiveness of commercial forestry, to attract and engage strategic partnerships. UTGA also works to increase competitiveness of commercial forestry and generate and disseminate cutting edge information and knowledge on commercial forestry and best practices. The association engages in clusters across the country including South Western Uganda, Albertine, Eastern Uganda, Central Uganda, West Nile, Northern Uganda and the Victoria cluster.


+256 785 343564

The UTGA Board

UTGA holds elections for its board every 2 years. At the AGM held in 2019 a new board of directors was elected into office.

The current elected UTGA Board includes; From left to right: Mr. Samuel Kasamba, Mr. Swaleh Asiku, M/s. Patience Naamara, Mr. Abubaker Mwima, Mr. Adison Kakuru, Mr. Moses Onono, Dr. Noreda Kiremire, Mr. Isaac Kapalaga and Mr. Vicent Kaija.

UTGA’s Objectives

  • Additional funding
    To promote and attract additional funding for the private sector to establish commercial timber plantations in Uganda.
  • Plantation establishment
    To continually improve plantation establishment and maintenance practices, through engagement in scientific research and development (including promoting members’ plantation standards towards independently accredited and internationally accepted plantation practices/guidelines, such as Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) guidelines.
  • Continuous learning
    To promote/coordinate continuous learning needs through training and experience sharing of members about commercial forestry management.
  • Public awareness
    To promote public awareness regarding the importance of timber plantations in the national poverty alleviation programme and economic development.
  • Good working relationships
    To foster good working relationships with institutions/agencies operating in the forestry sector.
  • Amendments in existing laws and regulations
    To act as a lobby group for initiating amendments in existing laws and regulations in order to improve the investment environment for commercial forestry in Uganda.
  • Act as a link
    To act as a link between the public and other professional bodies both nationally and internationally; especially with regard to timber plantation practices and management.
  • Affordable financial services
    To lobby for affordable financial services for timber plantation investors in the country.
  • Arbitrate between members
    To arbitrate between members and all stakeholders in genuine matters relating to plantation establishment and maintenance.

The Secretariat